Are Paul Rich watches good?

Are Paul Rich watches good?

Are Paul Rich timepieces legit?

From our first watch, the Hampton launched in 2017, to the new releases that are coming out this year, like the Pillars of Creation 3rd edition, the Paul Rich brand’s main focus has always been and will always be improving upon our current designs and creating beautiful new premium timepieces that last you a lifetime. We’ve started out small with the Hampton. It had none of the improved features you see in our watches today. For example, the aventurine dials were introduced in the Star Dust and gold electroplating has been introduced in later watches as well. We’ve come a long way from a simple small start-up we began in 2017. Today, we are more experienced, hardened and wiser, and we’re still learning ways to provide you the highest quality possible at the low prices that we offer. We could tell you all bout how good our watches are, but that won’t really mean anything to you, since we cannot be objective. Instead, we would like to discuss the materials we use in this blog post and at the end, you can decide for yourself whether we are worth the try.

Let us begin with the basics - the watch mechanism. For our Signature series, we use the Seiko PC32, a Japanese quartz movement that maintains less than 30 seconds a month at a normal temperature range. The battery life lasts a minimum of 3 years, and they require only yearly checkups, like with any quartz movement. While we’re at the topic of servicing, it is less expensive than fixing a mechanical watch. The drive train, which are the hands minutes and seconds, have fewer gears than a mechanical, which means less frequent and less demanding maintenance. The only fix-ups and polishing that is needed are cleaning, lubricating the few gears, replacing the battery, changing the gaskets and water resistance testing. Modern quartz and batter powered watches are more consistently accurate than mechanicals and you do not have to worry about winding them up.

If you don’t mind winding up your watch once in a while, for our automatic watches we use the Seiko NH35A. It has a battery life of at least 3 years as well, and it is comparable to many Swiss movements in terms of durability and consistency. With its Magic Lever technology, you don’t need to wind it up a lot like in its Swiss counterparts. The power reserve lasts a lot longer without spending minutes on winding.

The main protection for movements ensure the cases of the watch. Stainless steel is used for our cases and we have chosen it because of several reasons. It is the safest option because it is hypoallergenic. This means you are not likely to get any skin irritations after prolonged wear. Stainless steel has its mechanical uses. It is a hard material, less likely to get scratched than titanium, although they are by no means impervious, just like most materials. Scuffs and scratches on a titanium watch are often more visible than stainless steel ones. It also has a natural shimmer which works really well with any jewels or, for example, aventurine dials. Generally speaking, the watch can take a beating if its stainless steel and still look and work like its brand new.

While on the topic of the case, our gold and rose gold wristwatches are electroplated with genuine gold. The process uses electric currents to coat a piece of metal with a layer of another metal, in this case - gold. Gold electroplating is used to protect the watch from losing its shine and quality. This chemical relationship between the metals make it, so the gold layer cannot fall off and ensures that your watch will shine for ages.

Electroplating is not the only thing protecting your own Paul Rich premium timepiece. All of our wristwatches are equipped with 5 ATM water resistance. What this means is that the watch can survive severe weather conditions, while wearing it daily.

Moving on from the case, let us talk about the watch straps. Our watchbands feature a butterfly clasp, providing a quick and simple way to put on and take off your watch. It also has an interchangeable lock mechanism, which allows you to change straps at any time. Customize your watch and turn into something more personalized and fitting your style.

It’s time to shine a light on the face of the watch. Our Star Dust series features a glittering, starry face resembling space. This effect is achieved through our gloss oil recipe. It takes advantage of alkyd resin, which protects the face of the watch from old age and wear-and-tear. Due to its superb adhesive, It also makes sure the glitter or “star dust” does not scrape off from the surface from daily usage, making sure your own piece of the night sky lasts you a lifetime. To add to the starry effect, on the face you will find aventurine dials. Aventurine is a light material made from adding cobalt to purpurin glass and red copper glass which results in a bedazzling shade of blue. To produce the shimmering effect, specks of copper are included. The whole illuminating face is complete with the luminous hands and indices, which glow in the dark. Always know what time it is - even in pitch black darkness.

Apart from aventurine dials, we have another unique set of dials for our Motorsport Carbon Fiber collection. As the name suggests, the dials are made of carbon fiber, which is a very lightweight, but strong material. It is actually stronger than titanium, which is supposed to be the hardest material in watch crafting. Other than that, they have a unique pattern, making the watch feel alive and adding an eccentric piece to your style.

There you have it. All materials that go into making a Paul Rich premium timepiece. If you have any more questions about our watches, please contact our customer support and they will gladly answer any inquiries you may have. Alternatively, we recommend that you research these materials yourself, to dispel any doubts on whether our watches are good and legit. As, I’ve said before, we work on improving our watches all the time and the parts can only better in quality from here.