our designs are unique

There are watches you wear for their functionality, for beauty, and as a symbol of status – Paul Rich manages to combine all three. It is thanks to the unique look and masterful craftsmanship that our timepieces pack such a punch.


The end product is a result of a beautiful synthesis of people’s imagination, their ingenuity and skill. These talents are employed throughout the journey of our watch, from concept formation to its final implementation.


It always starts with an idea. The entire project is built upon this foundation, so it needs to be tangible enough to clearly address the most important matter our work is truly about: what does our customer wish for?

Will it be elegant lines or edgy, angular shapes? When the basis – our product’s DNA is ready, then comes the design phase, often marked by hours upon hours of creative work generating dozens of proposals, of which only one – the best one – gets to be chosen.

Prototyping & design

In the development of the watch, the details are as important as the overall look. The dial, the crown, and other essential specifics need to be seamlessly tailored to the particular model.

This is the point when the manufacturer can have a lot of input from the technical perspective, as they represent the side of practical expertise, complementing the designer’s creative flair.

& trim

This is a remarkable stage of development, because we can see the design coming to life in front of our eyes. It is time to choose the final colors and materials for the watch according to the plans devised earlier.

The importance of these elements cannot be overstated, as the right combination will elevate the entire design, but one misstep can spoil the whole thing.

Production &

After mock-ups and trial versions of the new model get created – and soon after all the kinks are ironed out – the watch goes into production. It is also the time when the creative and marketing departments get involved, developing visual materials and copy for the newest release.

It is quite a wonderful moment for the entire team, as we can finally see the result of months of hard work and cooperation between various departments of our company – ready to be delivered into your hands in no time at all.

Meet the people that make it happen

Bringing an idea to life is not a one-person job, and our watches are certainly a joint effort. It all comes down to the union of extraordinary ideas and meticulous manufacturing techniques.

To give you a better understanding of the collaboration happening behind the scenes, we would like you to meet the key players.

Christopher Matysek

Lead Designer

Christopher is a graduate of the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan, where he had the opportunity to create a project in the Audi UNIverse workshop in 2018. After graduating from University, he started working at Italdesign S.p.A- Italian design studio, based in Turin. After 4 years in Italy, he decided to work in our company.

"The most important thing in the design process is trying to imagine our client and his expectations. It is a bit like coming up with a story and encapsulating it in the right jigsaw of lines and colors. My goal is that Paul Rich watches have a clean and visible product DNA. It is also important that our watches are not only a piece of art., but also combine aestetic and functional elements”