Coming in from the cold

From the coldest corners of the galaxy, pieces of the night sky are etched onto timepieces made of gold and silver. The freezing temperatures chisel into the case, creating grains of sparkling white all over the watch. The piece is a known classic - now reimagined into a fresh and clean-cut design. Introducing - the Frosted Star Dust collection! What’s frosted gold, you might ask? Well, here’s a little history.

The frosted effect on premium timepieces is achieved by a technique passed down by generations of Italian masters of the craft. By tradition, the ‘Florentine Finish’ is a technique used for jewelry and watches, where micro-incisions are cut onto the gold surface. This makes the exterior of the watch sparkle like precious diamonds.

Seems like a pretty easy concept to execute, right? On the contrary, the method requires extreme precision and caution, yet great strength to even create any sort of indentation on the surface of the gold. The Italian artisans in the past spent months and even years to just achieve this effect, even though its purpose is purely decorative.

So, how do we do it? We’ve consulted with a range of artisans that specialize and use the Florentine Finish to this day. We’ve put them inside a room with our manufacturer and after months of intensive research, talks and designing, we have come up with the optimal engraving tool that makes high precision cuts with the accurately calculated strength needed to create the perfectly straight incision for this method of crafting watches. This technique allows us to produce watches at the affordable price of $400 instead of the $30,000 luxury brands charge, such as Audemars Piguet  All this, to provide the winter wonderland experience on the community’s favorite timepiece. 


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