Mesh-metal strap also known as the Milanese strap has become a big hit with a global consumer. But, did you know a strap has its roots in the Beautiful Era?

As the name suggest, mesh-metal straps originated in Milan in 19th century.

Lately, however, the business of manufacturing the mesh straps has travelled far from Italy. Now it is widely agreed that Germany had advanced the production of the mesh straps watches. That’s why, the middle years of the last century are better known as a period of its revival.

When it comes to a stylish and functional watch at the same time, those, with a mesh-metal strap are in high demand now. It is not surprisingly at all, the Milanese mesh bracelet brings other advantages beyond these aesthetics.

It provides an alternative to the traditional chain strap. The mesh itself is much more flexible than a chain strap. In addition, it represents a dressier alternative to the traditional bracelet.

Be sure, with a mesh strap you won’t be unnoticed. It will emphasize your unique personality and make you look more sophisticated without losing your masculine.

Our  MESH CHRONO-BLACK GOLD watch is the combination between classic and modern. The Milanese mesh bracelet that goes perfectly with a watch remains its quality and charm even in the harshest environments. The size of the bracelet  make it possible for wrists of all sizes and double blocking mechanism provides the wearer maximum security.

So, whether you are looking for an advanced version of the classic designed watch choose one with the Milanese strap. Be sure, the Milanese strap is not going out of fashion any time soon.

Be in style with Paul Rich.



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