Spring/Summer 2021

Spring/Summer 2021

Reinvent your style with novelties from Paul Rich. With the beginning of the Spring/Summer season of 2021, we’re starting out with some spring-cleaning. The family of smaller watches grows larger, as we add the Signature collection to the list. All the premium timepieces, including the bestsellers Sultan’s Ruby and Midas Touch, will be available in 42 mm. Experience the Baron’s Blue in a sleek and more compact form. Develop your wardrobe with an unpretentious timepiece perfectly fit to amplify your style.

The classics are not the only watches that are getting the 42 mm treatment. Our newest bestseller - the Frosted Star Dust collection - will be available in the smaller, bijou option as well. Enjoy the lustrous case made with a traditional technique passed down by Italian artisans. The 42 mm option is perfect for wearing with suits at formal occasions, as well as a more laid-back setting.

Last, but not least - there’s more coming to the Frosted Star Dust collection. Get enamored by the classic rattling sound of the automatic, now in a frosted case. The Frosted Star Dust Automatic will feature the NH35A movement from the Japanese watch titans Seiko. Complete your style with the impeccable combination of the lustrous frosted case with the bedazzling aventurine dial. Not only that, but from launch it’ll be available in 42 mm.

This is just the start of the season. We are excited to bring these new options for our Community. Expect more novelties in the future and stay tuned to the blog - you don’t want to miss anything.