Everything You Need to Know About the Paul Rich Rewards

Everything You Need to Know About the Paul Rich Rewards

Paul Rich has always had one goal: to make our customers feel like they are the priority and biggest motivation behind the creation of what we love: elegant and eye-catching, trend-setting timepieces. Now, having said that, it only made sense for us to launch a program that showcases how much we value everyone who believes in our products. We want to make them feel like they are part of a larger community of ambitious, creative and expressive individuals.


Wait no more and enter Paul Rich Rewards, a customer loyalty program that provides you with the best possible perks and benefits with every purchase you make.


So, how exactly does it work?


Don't worry, it's entirely up to you to JOIN US; entry is not only free, but you'll also receive 50 points right away when you create your personal account.

After that you just need to do one thing: shop! For each $1 spent we will grant you 1 point.


Now comes the fun part! We'll be adding new perks and benefits on a regular basis so you can REDEEM Your REWARDS. Keep an eye out if you don't want to miss a once in a lifetime purchase!


Check out some tips on how to earn a bunch of points quickly. Here are a few examples:


  • Refer your friends to the Paul Rich Rewards: 750 points
  • Create an account: 50 points
  • Follow us on Twitter: 50 points
  • Follow us on Facebook: 50 points
  • Follow us on Instagram: 50 points
  • Sign up for the Newsletter: 50 points
  • Write a review: 50 points
  • Add your Birthday on your profile: 250 points
  • Maka a purchase: 1 point per $1


Loyalty Tier Memberships


The entire purpose of the loyalty program is to recognize and reward your efforts and support, so the more you shop with us, the higher level you'll be assigned to. Our Paul Rich Rewards program provides exclusive perks and benefits based on the number of points you've racked up in the previous 12 months. Everyone starts at the 'Member' tier and works their way up to become an Insider, VIP, and, eventually, Ambassador. The higher your tier, the better your rewards. Below you'll see the benchmark points needed to advance in the tier status and key benefits that each of them will bring you:


Sounds exciting? Don’t waste the unique opportunities that await you. Join Paul Rich Rewards here.