Paul Rich Collections: The Motorsport Series

Paul Rich Collections: The Motorsport Series

Paul Rich Collections: The Motorsport Series

As the dust slowly settles after the premiere of the third edition of the Pillars of Creation and the Frosted Star Dust, the Paul Rich blog won’t leave you hanging for your half-weekly dosage of words about watches. Introducing the Paul Rich Collections, a blog series about - you’ve guessed it - the collections of Paul Rich wristwatches.

What do watch enthusiasts love as much as wristwatches? Cars, of course. Last year, in the decreasing warmth of August, we've come to this conclusion and created the timepiece that would be a joint love letter to both cars and watches. As the name suggests, we have taken inspiration from F1 racing and other motor sports. The timepiece is designed to make a statement - and that statement is “I’m here to win”

That statement is backed up by the features presented in all of our Motorsport watches. Starting off with the most immediate feature you’ll see - the dial. With this series we wanted to deliver delight to the die-hard fans of the classic styles of watches with a stainless steel option and introduce a new material, never before used in our timepieces - carbon fiber. Instead of excluding the former or resigning from progress, we decided to put in the extra miles and release both options. Our carbon fiber is a high-tech form of a fiber mesh embedded in an epoxy resin. This guarantees an ultra reinforced dial and a slightly lighter case. Your choices don’t end there. Both the carbon fiber and stainless steel versions feature colors in green, red, blue and black. It also features chronograph counters and sub-dials mimicking that of a speedometer and fuel gauge found on a dashboard of a car. Add in the luminous hands and indices, and you’ve got yourself the timepiece worthy of the most skilled drivers.

Beyond the dashboard, further inside the hood you will find the heart of the car, the engine. And like car engines, watch movements have to be pristine to keep it all running. That is why we used the flawless quartz mechanism Miyota 2035, providing you with over 3 years of battery life. Being the life of the watch, it must be protected with sturdy and hard material to preserve its longevity. The stainless steel case used in our timepieces is durable and highly scratch resistant. The gold options are electroplated with genuine gold to preserve its fresh shine and prevents your watch from turning into that seaweed green mess jewelry without electroplating tend to deteriorate to.

With our timepieces, not only the materials get the preservation treatment, but the style too. You can freshen up the style of your watch thanks to the interchangeable watchband mechanism. With only but two clicks, you can change the strap of your watch to a gold/silver watchband or to a leather strap in a wide range of colors. Mix and match to your hearts content. It’s like having a new watch every time you change the band.

Whether your a die-hard racing fan or just not that into cars, everybody can find something for themselves in the Motorsport Series. Check out the Motorsport collection and other premium timepieces on the homepage and make sure to check the blog regularly - new collection descriptions coming your way!