Out Now - Pillars of Creation 3rd Edition

Out Now - Pillars of Creation 3rd Edition

Just released - Pillars of Creation 3rd Limited Edition

Look to the stars, a shining bright light in the ocean of black is drawing nearer and nearer. In what feels like a second, it enters the atmosphere and bursts into a rain of star dust and… wristwatches. The third limited edition Pillars of Creation is finally here, and it brings novel features that will become the new standard for all Paul Rich premium timepieces.

At first glance, you can already spot the first upgrade. The face of the watch is a thick layer of sapphire glass. If you follow our blog, you probably remember our post about the glass. For those of you who are newcomers or just need a refresher - here’s a quick summary. Sapphire glass is made from synthetic sapphire, which has all the properties of the one found naturally. The distinguishing characteristic from other kinds of glass is that it has an unobtrusive blue tint. Its physical properties go way beyond that. On the scale of hardiness, sapphire has 9 Mohs. In comparison, diamonds have 10. This means that only diamonds and sapphires are tough enough to damage the glass. It goes without saying that the glass is highly scratch-resistant and overtakes K-1 treated mineral crystal we have been using until now and gorilla glass in terms of durability. There’s a reason why the military uses sapphire glass for their visors and windshields!

Under the layer of sapphire glass, the bedazzling staple of our Star Dust collection illuminates the whole watch. The mesmerizing sparkling specs are not glitter, but the dial itself. The hypnotic dial is made from the mystifying material that is called aventurine. To create the dial, we’ve used a large quantity of specks of red copper ruby glass and pupurin glass and the former material is responsible for the unique crimson color. The material is the perfect weight to make dials from. The reflecting of light works well with the luminous hands and indices, as they provide a unique shine to the timepiece.

Below the dial lies the heart of the watch. In the case of this limited edition piece, you can choose from a quartz or automatic movement. The unique part to the Seiko NH35A automatic mechanism is that it features an open back exhibition case. You can now look through the back of your watch and see how it works in real time. Other than that, its power reserve holds up to 41 hours. The quartz option is the Japanese Miyota 2035 movement, which has a battery life of over 3 years and does not require any winding. Whether you prefer the sweeping of an automatic or the ticking of a quartz timepiece, both versions are top quality and provide a long-lasting superb experience.

Protecting both the movements and face of the wristwatch, is the electroplated with genuine gold stainless steel case. Electroplating is the process of enclosing a piece of jewelry, or in this a watch case, in a layer of gold by using electric currents. The process preserves the watch’s prime shine and quality, preventing the watch from fading and turning green. The stainless steel is hypoallergenic, meaning it will not harm your skin or activate allergic reactions. Around the dial, ‘Paul Rich’ is engraved into the bezel, just as a reminder for everyone that your watch is pristine quality. The number in order the specific piece was created is inscribed into the outside of the case. Every watch is unique, even if it’s the same model.

Yet you can make the timepiece stand out even more. Attached to the case is, of course, the watchband. All of our straps, including the ones for the Pillar of Creation, feature an interchangeable easy lock mechanism, which allows you to mix and match watchbands to your hearts content. Personalize your watch by changing the straps to a different color or material. You can choose between a steel watchband or a leather strap. It’s as easy as using the butterfly clasp to put on or take off the watch.

And as easy as two clicks to order the limited edition Pillars of Creation on the Paul Rich website. With all these novel features and improvements made on materials, this new timepiece marks a new era of Paul Rich watches. Sapphire glass will be used for all of our watches in the hereafter, and we shall continue to experiment with aventurine to create new variations. For now, secure yourself a part of the future of Paul Rich, and do it soon - only 500 are in stock!