Out now - Frosted Star Dust Automatic

It’s time to cool down from the intense heat of the summer. The Frosted Star Dust family is growing larger with its newest addition - the Frosted Star Dust Automatic. Enjoy the classic design of the Star Dust embellished with the traditional method of case engravings passed down by generations of Italian artisans. The automatic version of the watch features a high-grade Miyota automatic precision movement that provides accurate time-telling and satisfies the need for that classic, pleasing “ticking” sound all automatic fans love.

The automatic movement is only part of the watch that makes it premium. The mesmerizing dial is made from aventurine, which adds a harmonious radiance together with the frosted case. The gold versions of the watch feature electroplating. The technique extends the shine on your timepiece for much longer and prevents the gold from turning green. Thanks to the hypoallergenic stainless steel, your watch can take a beating with virtually any scuffs and scratches. On top of that, the 5 ATM water resistance technology will prolong the life of your watch, be it rain or shine.

Raise the bar on style amongst your peers with the new automatic Frosted Star Dust. We have released this watch as per requested by our community. That’s why we encourage you to send us feedback about our timepieces, brand or anything in general. More releases are coming soon, stay tuned and check out the Paul Rich blog as soon as possible.


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Out now - Frosted Star Dust Automatic

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