New year, new beginnings, new… smaller things coming your way?

We’ve read your comments. We’ve listened to your feedback. Due to high demand, we’ve created a compact version of our classic Star Dust series! Now you will be able to own the premium Paul Rich quintessential timepiece in a 42 mm model. The thickness will remain at 11 mm, as it is optimal for this design and will guarantee to retain the top-grade durability of its predecessor.

Smaller watches have been trending, because of their aesthetic value. A more compact design makes the wrist look slim, especially when paired with a leather strap. Not only that, but some people prefer designs that do not have an overabundance of  “negative space”, meaning surfaces on the case without any decorative detail. Nowadays, smaller watches feel more elegant than their bulkier counterparts. Since complex mechanisms need to be implemented inside the case, there is more thought and care put into the process of making one. This means that even though the minuscule watches seem more delicate, they can be built to be sturdier than the larger ones.

Ultimately, it all comes down to taste. We’re just here to provide something to suit your style. So what’s your preference? Do petite pieces suit your snazzy fashion sense? Or would you rather have a bulkier one to express your proactive nature? Either/or, you’ll find those at our store!


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