Introducing new sizes - Star Dust in 42mm

A couple of weeks ago, we’ve announced new size options for all our wristwatches. Today marks the first step towards that promise. The Star Dust are now available in 42 mm. If you’re planning on getting one, we highly recommend doing it now, as they’re our bestselling timepiece right now. But what does 42 mm mean? What is the right size for your wrist? How do we get these measurements? All this and more shall be answered in this post.

Let’s answer the latter first by asking yet another question - what does 42 mm mean? 42 mm is the diameter of the case, and it’s one of the two factors that go into determining the size of the case overall. The other element that goes into the equation is the thickness. In the instance of the Star Dust 42 mm, it is 11.4 mm, only 1/10th of a millimeter less than the original 45 mm version.

So the diameter and thickness decide for the watch case. How does that translate to fitting on your wrist? To find that out, you need to measure the circumference of your wrist and to do that - you will need a tailor’s tape. Widen your wrist by opening your palm. Put the metal ending in the center of your wrist and go around your wrist and finally line it up with the metal piece. Voilà! Your wrist circumference in centimeters or inches respectively. In case of 42 mm, if its at around 17-18 centimeters or 7 inches - you’ve got yourself the perfect fit.

Now say you’ve got the timepiece that embraces your wrist just right, but you’re not really pleased with the strap. With our watches, that problem is easily solved by just ordering a watchband from our site and changing it at ease with just two clicks, thanks to the interchangeable strap lock mechanism we have implemented in all of our wristwatches. If you’re more of a handy sort and want to do some DIY work on your timepieces, it’s useful to know that the band’s width is proportionate to the case diameter. In the instance of the 42mm size option, the width of the strap is 22m. Although, we advise not to alter the watch in any way, as it will be no longer eligible for the protections of our warranty.

As we are coming to the end of this blog post, we would like to remind you that the Star Dust are our best-selling timepiece on the site as of now. If you’re hesitating about getting one, think it over quickly, because it’ll be gone sooner than you think. And remember to choose the right size for yourself!


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