Heart of the Ocean - Reinvented

Heart of the Ocean - Reinvented

Like the legend of the Phoenix

Last year in November, we released the new and improved version of the Heart of the Ocean womens collection. Back then, we didn’t have a blog to talk about all the nuances that came with the rework. With the revised design came numerous features that may have been overlooked without a clear medium to address those characteristics. Here is why the new Heart of the Ocean is an improvement on the first one.

With the old Heart of the Ocean, we have to admit - it’s a little uninspired. The design is very plain, one that can be found amongst may watch start-ups. We all have to start somewhere, right? Using your feedback and our newly obtained experience, we’ve advanced the design, it’s safe to say that this is a complete re-imagination. The only part we’ve left unaltered is the face and dials, where we have used genuine pieces of pearl and Swarovski crystals.

We based the new design on our bestseller - the Star Dust. This helped create a more “fuller” looking watch, but still leave the harmonious simplicity the older version offered. The face is available in four colors - ocean blue, blush pink, cloud silver and white. The dials are made from authentic pearls and Swarovski crystals that illuminates in harmony with the case. The mechanism used for the watch is the Mitoya 2035 Japanese quartz movement, which has a battery life of over 3 years and maintains <20s a month at a normal temperature range. But that’s not all.

A major new element has been introduced - straps made from Indian rubber. This is our first time using this material.

The Heart of the Ocean collection is a major breakthrough in not only womens watches, but the whole Paul Rich experience. Thanks to the design and it’s popularity we will be implementing new features that we are sure our community will enjoy. Good things are coming your way so stay tuned!