New Release - Pillars of Creation 3rd Edition

The Paul Rich classic is back in a new and improved form. Check out the changes we've made and what's new with the 3rd edition of Pillars of Creation.

New Release - Pillars of Creation 3rd Edition

Good things come in threes

Last post, we’ve talked about sapphire glass and how we are implementing it into all of our collections. What we did not mention was, that we’ve first tested this technology on a brand-new collection. The finishing touches on the Star Dust Pillars of Creation 3rd Edition are being applied at the time of writing this post. The community’s favorite watch is coming back stronger than ever.

As I’ve mentioned before, the new limited 500-piece run of Pillars of Creation are going to feature the new sapphire glass on the face of the timepiece. In summary, the glass is made from synthetic sapphire, a material that is virtually similar to its naturally occurring counterpart. The glass is known for being very resilient, as sapphire has a hardiness value of 9 Mohs (for reference - diamonds have a value of 10 Mohs). This means that the face of the watch will be highly scratch-resistant, so not only will the watch last you a lifetime, but it’ll always be as if you just took it out of the box.

What about the rest of the watch? Well, the third edition of our Pillars of Creation watch will be equipped with the legendary Miyota 2035 movement with its accurate quartz technology it maintains less than 20 seconds a month at a normal temperature range. The case is made of hypoallergenic stainless steel, providing a durable, scuff-free foundation for your timepiece and no more skin irritation on your wrist. Engraved into the side of the face is the number indicating the order in which the specific model wast created. On the inside of the bezel, Paul Rich is chiseled into the gold.  Additionally, its 5 ATM water resistance makes it the perfect combination for everyday use. The color scheme of the watch will be a gold case with a scarlet face, which is perfect for fans of one of our bestsellers - Sultan’s Ruby. The magic of the Star Dust series implemented on to the color palette of your favorite watch!

Last, but surely not least, we can not go on without mentioning the absolute staple of all Star Dust collection pieces. The bedazzling face that resembles the night sky. We’ve improved upon our Star Dust technology and implemented a new recipe for gloss oil. It takes advantage of alkyd resin, which protects the face of the watch from old age and wear-and-tear. Due to its superb adhesive, It also makes sure the glitter or “star dust” does not scrape off from the surface from daily usage, making sure your own piece of the night sky lasts you a lifetime.

When it comes to the third generation of the Pillars of Creation timepiece, the watch improves upon its body’s design in reference to durability and launches in a beautiful gold and red aesthetic. The “Star Dust” technology is improved upon with its new recipe for gloss. All these features amount to a precious piece of horology representing only the beginning of what our crafting techniques are capable of. Stay tuned for more. You don’t want to miss out on this special limited run!