Buckle up - Paul Rich leather straps and steel watchbands

All owners of a Paul Rich premium timepiece know that they can customize their wristwatches by changing their watchbands. For first-time readers and newcomers, all of our watches are equipped with an easy interchangeable lock mechanism. All you need to do is pull on the two mini levers near the lugs and the strap is ready to be replaced. With our pieces, you can choose between leather and steel watchbands and from a wide range of colors. And with such a variety to choose from, a question comes to mind. What strap suits me best?

To answer that question, let’s take a deep dive into the qualities of the straps. Starting off, leather straps are obviously much more comfortable. The genuine leather is smooth and does not irritate the skin. The cowhide feels soft and natural, giving off a pleasurable feel to the wrist. Though, if you’re more of a form over function type of person, then the strap can add a lot to your style. Leather straps are an absolute necessity for formal occasions. The hide is associated with that unique vintage look that comes off as elegant and classy. This works really well with a suit, especially if you match the color with your belt. Every stylist will tell you that you should match your straps with your belt.

Stylist’s won’t deter you from getting a steel watchband, though, as they have a more luxurious look. Wearing a stainless steel watchband electroplated with genuine gold might cause people to check up your net worth on Google! Jokes aside, it is associated with a more lavish lifestyle and on top of that, your strap, as well as your watch won’t turn green thanks to the electroplating. The stainless steel is hypoallergenic which means it’s not likely to cause any skin irritations or rashes. The main advantage of steel is an obvious one. It’s hardiness. Steel watchbands are impervious to physical damage, so if you’re the adventuring type, your watch would be able to take a beating and the watchband will look as good as new. Additionally, water does not harm the material, so you can go out jet skiing or wind-surfing without any worry, especially thanks to the 5 ATM water resistance on our watches. On your downtime, resting or getting ready for bed, you can take off your watch with but a click, thanks to the butterfly clasp. It’s a reliable mechanism that won’t cause you to wonder when your watch fell off while out for a run. And after a satisfying run, when you get all sweaty and dirty, the watch won’t take a minute to clean. It’s called stainless steel for a reason, right?

Whether you like the elegant style of steel or the vintage look of leather, remember that with Paul Rich - you don’t have to choose. If you’re undecided, just order both, and you can decide on the go which one you like better. Or keep your options open, it’s hard to find anything that is a one-style-fits-all type of deal. Take a look at our straps on the Paul Rich website.


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