Available now - Frosted Star Dust quartz in 42 mm

The Frosted Star Dust automatic is not the only release we have this month. All Frosted Star Dust quartz timepieces are now available in 42 mm. With a battery life of over 3 years, you can enjoy the more compact and slimmer version of the Frosted Star Dust for years to come. We recommend stylizing it with your suit, since slimmer watches work well with them and are generally considered the better choice for formal occasions.

With careful precision and accuracy, we managed to combine the feel of the classic Star Dust and the resplendence of the Frosted case in a down-scaled and solid form. The watch features the bedazzling aventurine dial that absorbs the gazes of bystanders. Together with the Frosted case, made with an ancient Italian technique, it creates lustrous visuals that will steal the spotlight at any gathering. The hypoallergenic stainless steel preserves the longevity of your watch and thanks to the 5 ATM water resistance - you can take it anywhere without worrying about the rain.

The Frosted Star Dust quartz timepieces are now available at the Paul Rich website. More 42 mm watches are coming your way - stay tuned and keep tabs on the blog to stay in the know!


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Available now - Frosted Star Dust quartz in 42 mm

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