The Double Date

Whether you’re a first time watch buyer, a newbie looking to get into watch collecting, or a seasoned veteran in search of some premium pieces to add to your set, the ‘Any 2’ bundles are a treat to horologists of any caliber.  The bundle is one of the most regularly requested recurring deal on our site. The offer covers all watches respectively from the Star Dust, Motorsport, Heart of the Ocean and Signature collections. The only thing you need to receive your two premium timepieces is to order the bundle on the site and simply message us, via email or customer service, your order number and the two watches you want. You’ll be rocking your two watches in no time, but then comes the question. Why would you want two watches?

If you’re a regular enthusiast of our timepieces, this deal is right for you.  Why choose between two watches when you get them both for a better price? We want to cater to our experienced audience in a way that they can uniquely appreciate. Building your collection can be mighty costly, and we believe this to be the best way to enjoy amassing a well-thought-out assemblage.

For the new members of our community, this is the way to waiver your doubts toward a new purchase. Just looking at pictures of our watches on your laptop might not be enough, and that is a very understandable point of view. We recognize that some people might need  to get a feel for the watches, see if it actually fits their style.

As you can see, the bundles have been tailored for the community and horologist that haven’t any experience with the Paul Rich brand.

In the end it comes down to this: bundles were one of the most requested features on our website and we heeded your call.

Check out our bundles on the site and start your collection today.


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