Valentine’s Day Sale

Spread the love this Valentine's Day with our special sale! Check out this post to find out how to get ready to spend time with your Valentine.

Valentine’s Day Sale

It takes two to tango

Can you feel it? Love is in the air and so are lower prices! This year, Paul Rich has prepared the Valentine’s sale that will get you equipped and ready for whatever you’re planning for that special day. Whether you’re staying inside for a candle-lit dinner date scattered with rose petals, or having a movie night on Zoom, you will find yourself planning your outfit for the evening and looking for the perfect gift. We’re providing you with a means to brace yourself for the occasion and to help proceed with the date with no hiccups.

Holidays like this one, you not only have to buy a great gift, but also treat yourself to one. Looking your very best is almost like taking care of two birds with one stone - it’s self-care and an extra present for your significant other. Don’t leave them empty-handed though! Thanks to our watch bundles, you’ll make sure to be on top of your fashion game and leave your other half bedazzled with a premium timepiece of their own. Our bundles constitute a two for one deal of our prime collections, such as the Star Dust, Motorsport, Signature  collections etc. A highly recommended and popular bundle would be the ‘Any Heart of the Ocean and Star Dust’, as its sleek, lustrous and complementing designs make for the perfect couple set. Simply order it on our website, and you will receive an email asking you to specify which models you desire.

If you’re not interested in any bundles or there aren’t any with your dream watch, there’s always our referral program. In total, you and your other half can save $80, if you refer one another. Simply go to our website, click on ‘Get $40 off’, type in your name and email address, and you’ll receive instructions on how to refer a friend and $40 off each!

At this point, the big question rolls in - what timepieces should I choose for Valentine’s Day? To answer that, let us take a deep dive into the aesthetics of the holiday. Valentine’s Day is heavily associated with the colors red and pink. Red is the color of sexuality and passion, qualities that are heavily coupled with love. It is obvious why the color is synonymous with day of love. The Motorsport Carbon Fiber Gold Red and Sultan’s Ruby are prime examples of outfit elements that could be implemented into your V-day fit. Make sure not to over-do it, though! Throw in an elegant red shirt in the mix, but save yourself from looking like a human-tomato hybrid.

Pink is the color commonly associated with romance, kindness and femininity. These traits also first come to mind when feasting your eyes on the Pink Rose Gold Heart of the Ocean timepiece. With its blush pink dials and rose gold case, it is the elegant watch for her to wear during a special occasion such as this.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and this type of bundle is not only the ideal gift, but the ultimate prep for the day of love. All of our bundles, and premium timepieces for that matter, are now 20% off with an extra 15|% discount when your order is over $299, so now’s the perfect time to get ready for the big day!